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    Is point exchangable between traders?

    No,  point is not exchangable and can not be transferred fron point holders  to others. If a membership is canceled,

    the member's point will no longer valid.

  • Points

    How can I earn a point?

    1. reward
        10,000P reward point will be given for signing up once, 20,000P referral reward will be given to referrer,
        10,000P referral reward will be given to the refferred. The more referral made, the more point earned..

    2. purchase
        My page > Point Info, you can convert MCH into point, however price of MCH are variable. 
        MeconCash can be purchased through P2P trading. 

  • Points

    Where can a point be used?

    Point can be used for registerng buying/selling. Price is variable according to peroid of advertisning and

    will be deducted from pont  that you hold and is not refundable for cancelation.

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